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Esme - My daughter is only 5 so my fiance and I have not needed to spank her as time-outs are still effective however, being that your daughter is 12 I don't see what else you could do besides an occasional spank here or there. should i spank my daughters bare butt. for lying and throwing fits. a BabyCenter member yes u should spank her lightly with your hand on the bare bottom.Do not hurt her and make sure she is over your lap. t condone beating children, but if my daughter acts up after I told her know I will tan her hide and she knows it. I just use my hand.

But in the beginning here is an desciption of how i spank my daughter: I am a moher of one girl. She is 16 years old. Before i write something about her spankings i want to tell you, that i really love my daughter and only want the best for her. When my daughter is really really naughty, i use spanking as punishment. Nov 22, 2017 · Several answers come to my mind. If he is the child's father, he has the right to discipline. If he is not, then what makes you ask the question? One of the biggest mistakes I made in my marriage was keeping discipline in my hands only. I forbade.

Jul 15, 2009 · My wife died 3 years ago and I was left to raise our 4 year old daughter (now 7) My daughter has recently been acting up at school, she has been doing some 'inappropriate' things lets just say. I realize spanking is extreme, but I am almost at my wits end. I have tried time outs, naughty steps, reward charts, groundings, taking away privileges, none of which has worked.Status: Open. Jul 24, 2019 · This sounds like a lack of respect problem. It would be a real learning opportunity in our home. A good time to sit your teen down and have a long conversation on house rules and respecting them or what the consequences are. At 15 she really is to.