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Detox foot patches, also called detox foot pads, are similar to large, white bandages with adhesive strips that allow them to stay on the sole of the foot. According to Mayo Clinic dermatologist Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D., the patches purportedly contain a variety of ingredients, typically wood vinegar, plants, herbs and tourmaline, a mineral. Apr 11, 2008 · The best known is the Kinoki Detox Foot Pad, which is claimed to remove toxins, restore "balance" within the body, and boost energy. Various other products are claimed to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, improve circulation, improve sleep, enhance mental focus, relieve headaches and arthritis pain.

Feetox Foot Pads - Sleep Better, Relieve Stress, Remove Impurities, Feel More Relaxed, 2 IN 1 New Version | 20 Pcs and Bonus 10 Pcs Nasal Strips to Better Breath | FDA Certified 4.1 out of 5 stars 44 $15.87 $ 15. 87 ($0.79/Count) $21.97 $ 21. 97. Formulated with bamboo extracts, herbs, and gemstones and developed through years of medical research in Japan, these organic detox foot pads are specially designed to aid your body in toxin removal by stimulating reflexology zones. Apply Detox Foot Pads to both feet before bed and let them work while you sleep.4.5/5(365).

Jul 27, 2018 · The idea behind the detox foot pad is that toxins are pulled from the body by applying specific ingredients to the feet. The foot pads can contain ingredients from plants, herbs, and minerals, and often includes vinegar.Author: The Healthline Wellness Team. Detox foot pads may enhance the body’s natural detoxification processes to help counter-act the increased number of unnatural substances the body is put into contact with due to our modernized lifestyles. On this page you will learn about how foot detox pads work, why certain ingredients are so important, and what you can expect from using detox foot pads.

Nov 28, 2017 · Enter detox foot pads. Applying Kinoki Foot Pads to the soles of the feet at night removes heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, parasites, chemicals, and cellulite from their bodies. Use of the foot pads could treat depression, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system.Reviews: 37. Similar to treating drug or alcohol addiction, detoxification helps prepare the body for the next phase of treatment, whether it is therapy or alternative care. For most natural healthcare enthusiasts, an ionic foot detox is the beginning of a lifestyle committed to eating healthier and exercising.