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The Yorkshire Terrier has a beautiful and unique coat that is one of the defining features of this breed. This article will cover various aspects related to a Yorkie's hair, including type of coat, change in hair from puppy to adult, the most commonly seen problems with the coat, and helpful care tips to keep both skin and coat in excellent shape. Jun 22, 2014 · The amazing color transformation that occurs from the newly-born black-and-tan puppy to the adult blue-and-tan is affected by many factors, the most predominant being that which will be inherited by the combination of the puppy’s inherited genes from its sire & dam at conception. Thereafter the final coat color of the Yorkie puppy will be.

Apr 07, 2019 · The unique things are the genes that the Yorkshire Terrier carries if the puppy is a purebred. They are responsible for the changeover of the puppy’s coat from black color into blue color when the dog grows as adult. And there is also a gene that is responsible for the silky coat which is also so typical for the breed. Yorkie puppy colors. The transition from newly-born puppy to adult Yorkshire Terrier is a very confusing period. any attempt by a novice to come to grips with this period by reading opinions of Yorkie breeders can only add perplexity to confusion. No one agrees. This fact alone offers the greatest hope to any breeder.

The Yorkie puppy coat is significantly different in color and thickness to their adult coat. The first thing you'll notice is darker features, with prominent black markings and tan highlights. Most often these features will fade over 24 months as they grow into their adult coat. They'll also be thicker and softer, this is common for all puppies.Author: Shayla Mcconnell. The Yorkie does not have a drastic color change, but the change is official and is an expected aspect to the adult Yorkshire Terrier. Once a Yorkshire Terrier is an adult, there will be more tan/gold coloring than black coloring. Therefore, an adult is much lighter than a puppy. The black will turn to a blue.

Adult Yorkie, Mature Coat. A Yorkie's coat gradually changes for up to two years, and it may stabilize only to change again -- perhaps even into the third year. An adult's hair color can vary from a dark, steel blue to a light, silvery blue. Typically, the black turns blue (a diluted black coloring), yielding a dark steel blue or a shiny silver. A Yorkie with a silk coat has fine, humanlike hair that grows in a single layer with no undercoat. When properly groomed, your silk-coat Yorkie's fur will hang perfectly straight off the body. It will not be wavy and will be very shiny because of the translucent nature of the show-quality Yorkie's colors.

Oct 16, 2014 · The adult Yorkies comprise of other coat colors, and some might even have fine coats or woolly texture. The difference relates with the typical Yorkie, which must not be a part of the breeding session intentionally if you want to keep the exact colors of Yorkshire terrier coats.3.3/5(3).