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Jul 27, 2018 · For example, ScoliSMART’s treatment for adult scoliosis typically incorporates: Exercise. Weight-bearing postural activities, combined with balancing and isometric exercises, Whole body vibration therapy. For patients in too much pain to exercise, Nutritional supplements. Maintaining. The majority of adults with idiopathic scoliosis do not have disabling symptoms and can be managed with simple measures including the following: Periodic observation. Over-the-counter pain relievers. Exercises aimed at strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and back and improving.

Treatment for Degenerative Scoliosis Physical therapy. A physical therapist or other qualified medical professional can help develop an Pain relievers. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Injections. Epidural steroid injections can reduce inflammation, Weight loss. Losing. Feb 06, 2018 · Adult Scoliosis. At Scoliosis Care Centers TM by Janzen and Janzen Health Chiropractic, we take pride in utilizing safe and effective treatments to positively impact your scoliosis and overall health. We utilize soft tissue treatments consisting of massage and Active Release Technique along with decompression therapy and chiropractic adjustments Author: Scoliosis Care Centers.

ADULT SCOLIOSIS TREATMENT & CORRECTION. This type of scoliosis can occur in adults due to untreated curvature as a child or degenerative spinal conditions like disc degeneration and spinal stenosis. Approximately seven million people in the United States suffer from scoliosis and the experts at Virginia Spine Institute can offer the least invasive procedures to treat it.