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I joined the Peace Corps when I was 56 years old, and it was like having a second life. I enjoyed my work in the United States very much, but as I got older, I began to think less about "me" and more about "we." I loved working for the Peace Corps; I felt like I did something for the world, for the planet. Since 1995, Peace Corps Volunteers have partnered with communities to host GLOW camps. Short for Girls Leading Our World, GLOW camps have become a powerful tool for talking with young women about leadership, gender equity and other topics in a dynamic, engaging setting.

Mar 18, 2013 · I am often asked about fellowships for older adults and experienced professionals since many fellowships appear to skew towards young professionals and students. There are actually many fellowship opportunities for people over age 50, and late career can be one of the best times to pursue a competitive fellowship. Apr 23, 2014 · Peace Corps has a reputation for being a recent-college-kid type thing to do, but in reality, far more Peace Corps volunteers are mid-career professionals or retirees than the stereotype would have you believe. If you can commit to two years abroad, the Peace Corps provides a fantastic opportunity for older travelers to volunteer abroad.

Older volunteers called to the Peace Corps, Two years ago the Peace Corps sought volunteers who could bring more skills and experience. Those recruiting efforts resulted in a 44 percent increase in applications from people older than 50. Peace Corps Alternatives for Adults. Whether you’re wanting to take a career break, give back your skills, or contribute your skills to a community that values your support, IVHQ offers Peace Corps alternatives for adults from a diverse range of backgrounds.Author: Ellen Varoy.

Terra also operates Discover Corps, one to two week volunteer vacations for adults and families, in collaboration with the National Peace Corps Association. Since 1979, the National Peace Corps Association has built on the values of the Corps, helping to transition RPCVs to . Mar 05, 2018 · If you’ve always wanted to volunteer in the Peace Corps, but find it’s not quite right for you, then African Impact can offer incredible options for Peace Corps alternatives! Short-term volunteering and internship programs have countless benefits. This provide a great alternative to Peace Corps volunteering, with added bonuses.

AmeriCorps is your moment to take the path less traveled, to break the status quo, to stop talking about the problem and be the solution. Join AmeriCorps and you can mentor and tutor kids, rebuild a community after disaster, help veterans, or work with local communities to alleviate poverty. Oct 02, 2018 · Luckily, the Peace Corps is far from your only option. If you're not sure the Peace Corps is right for you but still want to volunteer overseas, there are hundreds of volunteer abroad programs out there. Some of them require you to commit to a year, while others only require a week or two.